COVID-19: Personal Care

These resources related to PERSONAL CARE have been provided by institutions of higher education in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Cleaning and Disinfection


  • Clean Your Hands Often (Co-branded)
    • NC State Extension¬†(PDF)
    • UF/IFAS Extension¬†(Website, PDF)
    • Virginia Cooperative Extension (PDF)
  • Handwashing and Sanitizers (Blog) Alabama Extension
  • Homemade Hand Sanitizer (PDF) NC State Extension
  • How Clean are Your Hands? PDF, LSU AgCenter

Preparing for an Outbreak:

  • Preparing for an Outbreak in Your Community – A (PDF) Virginia Cooperative Extension
  • Preparing for an Outbreak in Your Community – B (PDF) Virginia Cooperative Extension

Social Distancing, Self-Quarantine and Self Isolation

  • What You Need to Know About Social Distancing, Self- quarantine and Self-isolation (PDF) – University of Tennessee Extension

What to Do if You Are Sick (Co-branded):

  • NC State Extension (PDF)
  • UF/IFAS Extension (Website, PDF)
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension (PDF)