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The SERA-47 – Strengthening the Southern Region Extension and Research System to Support Local & Regional Foods Needs and Priorities adopted the following mission, vision and values at the December 2019 annual meeting in Savannah, Georgia.


This overview discusses why this work is important and describes the objectives.


To build the capacity of the Research and Extension system to foster community collaboration and become a trusted source of high-impact education an research supporting all aspects of local foods.


  • To provide a safe, healthy, and affordable food supply that is accessible to all consumers.
  • Farmers, ranchers, and food businesses are able to profitably market their products locally and regionally.
  • People and communities are empowered to participate in all aspects (including production, distribution, preservation, purchasing and consumption) of the local and regional food systems.


  • Promote justice and fairness
  • Support farms, food businesses, and local economies that thrive
  • Improve food access and security
  • Encourage food systems that support environmental, economic, and social well-being
  • Foster healthy people and communities
  • Recognize and respect diverse, local identities and cultures
  • Utilize community-driven and evidence-based practices

2020 Leadership Team