These resources relate to the Management of Farmers Market once they’ve been established. 

Market Manager FAQs

    • The Farmers Market Coalition has compiled a list of FAQs for managing a farmer’s market. This resource addresses concerns ranging from insurance to staffing to outreach. 

Standards Handbook and Guide

    • A key strategy in maintaining standards and quality within a market is creating a handbook with regulations and policies for vendors. Tennessee’s Department of Agriculture has created a set of standards for farmers markets in their state that ensure a level of quality is always maintained—regardless of where in the state the market is found. 

Direct Marketing Guide

    •  An important component of maintaining a farmers market is continuing to grow your vendor list and consumer base. In the link below, Florida Extension provides a collection of articles on how to approach marketing for your farmers market.

Market Growth, Outreach, and Evaluation for Markets 

    • The Farmers Market Coalition continued this FAQ series to address growth and outreach concerns for farmers markets.

Managing Farmers Markets Webinar

    • Iowa State Extension recorded and published a webinar they conducted that focused on resources available for market managers.

Management Skills Series 

    • The UC Small Farm Center created a workbook to follow to develop general management skills and then how to apply newfound skills to a farmers market. This is volume 2 of their farmers market management series. 

Mitigating COVID-19 Risks in Farmers Markets

    • Due to COVID-19, markets cannot carry on “business as usual”. Mississippi State has created a succinct article that addresses a few simple ways to maintain safety and keep markets open. 

Video Series on COVID Safety in Farmers  Markets

    • Alabama A & M and Auburn University Extension has produced a mini-series of videos that tackle some of the possible solutions to COVID concerns in a market environment.

Workers’ Compensation

For more information on the impact of COVID-19 on farmers markets, please look under the COVID-19 Farmers Market tab in the menu above.