These resources relate to increasing Accessibility within markets.

RAFI Guide for SNAP and EBT

RAFI Excel Tool for SNAP and EBT Program

    • RAFI, Rural Advancement Foundation International, published a guide for how to implement SNAP and EBT programs in farmers markets. By diversifying purchasing options, vendors can grow their consumer base and provide a service of accessible, nutrient-rich foods to their community. In tandem, RAFI developed a tool in Excel that can seamlessly work with the procedures proposed in their guide. 

ASAP Accessibility Guide

    • ASAP, Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project, drafted a guide to bridge the gap between low-income shoppers and farmers markets. This application-based article gives market managers and vendors the means to make fresh food more accessible in local communities.

Compliance with ADA Guidelines

    • The Center for Agriculture and Food Systems of Vermont Law created a guide for farmers markets to comply with the Americans Disabilities Act. This will ensure your market is inclusive and accessible for all.

Using SNAP at Farmers Markets

    • The USDA created a collection of resources guiding consumers and sellers on how to implement and utilize SNAP within the farmers market system. 

Steps to Success for using SNAP

    • This collaboration of Wholesome Wave and Project for Public Spaces Inc. gives guidance on the use of SNAP within farmers markets as well as shares success stories of markets who have fully embraced SNAP.