Rural Communities

Rural Community Food Access and Health Disparities:

CDC on public Health Funding in Rural Communities.

  • Source- the Center for Disease Control with descriptions of several different health issues and programs that work with them. Source discusses the Mississippi Delta, obesity, tobacco use, diabetes, and racial and ethnic minority populations.

Health Disparities Affect Millions in Rural U.S. Communities.

  • A web page from the Association of American Medical Colleges. The page describes challenges, diversity, and outcomes of health disparities in rural communities. The article also discusses how race and ethnicity layer to create greater disparities in the health sector.

Rural Project Examples

  • Examples of rural projects that aim to help food security and nutrition by the Rural Health Information Hub. Each example listed has a link so you can find more about each project.

How living in a rural area can be considered a health risk

  • A news article from Texas A&M Health, which describes why living in a rural area could be considered a health risk. Rural residents face health disparities more when compared to urban spaces. The article describes trends of hospitals closing, distance, and other factors.

Rural data sources and tools relating to rural health

  • Source- Rural Health Information Hub. This page provides embedded links with data sources and tools relevant to rural health. It also provides a “rural data explorer.”