Mississippi Delta

Mississippi as the hungriest state

  • An article by Mississippi Today describing Mississippi as one of the most food-insecure states. The article gives reasons why a portion of people in Mississippi are not eligible for SNAP with infographics.

Why is Mississippi the Hungriest State in the Nation

  • An article by Move for Hunger which describes the determinants behind Mississippi’s prevailing hunger and why most citizens cannot benefit from SNAP. It also goes in-depth on how, despite Mississippi having vast rural and agricultural areas, its people continue to suffer from good insecurity and health disparity.

The relationship between Mississippi hunger and SNAP

  • Source- Rethink Mississippi. The webpage discusses the history of SNAP and how Mississippi is still the “hungriest state” despite its use of snap.

How students are shaping the future of food in the Mississippi Delta

  • PDF report (PDF link at bottom of the webpage) from the Institute of sustainability at the University of Michigan. The PDF describes how teams of students are promoting food sustainability. This includes their thinking for the future, their planning, and approach.