These resources relate to the Establishment of Farmers Markets.

Florida Extension-Starting a Farmers Market 

    • Florida extension drafted a brief overview on import factors in establishing a farmers market and how to prioritize among those. 

Farmers’ Market Management Series 

    • Southern California extension published a 3-volume series on exactly how to open a farmer’s market—starting at the conceptual stage all the way up to opening day.  

Marketing for Farmers Markets

    • Georgia’s Department of Agriculture published a guide on developing farmers markets with the unique inclusion of how to address licensing and labeling of products. 

Local Government Assistance is Establishing Farmers Markets

    • Mississippi extension addresses how local governments can help in the establishment of farmers markets. This ranges from grants to zoning to advocating for markets at the state level.

How to Run a Farmers Market

    • The Massachusetts Department of Agriculture has produced a guide to run a farmers market. It also provides example documentation for seller applications and market rule checklists. 

 Farmers Market Development Manual 

    • The State of Alabama Farmers Market Authority has published a structured manual on how to approach the small beginnings of a market to handling growth and expansion.

Starting a New Farmers Market

    • As volume 1 in their farmers market management series, the UC Small Farm Center penned a guiding handbook to ease in the establishment of markets.