COVID 19: Grocery Shopping/Stocking the Pantry

These resources related to GROCERY SHOPPING/STOCKING THE PANTRY have been provided by institutions of higher education in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

Cooking/Food Preparation

  • Food Preservation Basics Videos (Website) University of Minnesota Extension*
  • Common Ingredient Substitutions ( Blog) Alabama Extension
  • Washing Produce (PNG) NC State Extension

Food Selection

  • Healthy Shelf-Stable Foods (Blog) Alabama Extension

Grocery Shopping

  • Alternate Ways to Get Food (Blog) Alabama Extension
  • Food Budget Buying for Two Weeks (Blog) Alabama Extension
  • Grocery Pickup and Delivery (PNG) NC State Extension
  • Handling Groceries (PNG) NC State Extension
  • Helpful Food and Shopping Tips (Blog) Alabama Extension
  • Is Coronavirus a Concern at Grocery Stores? (Co-branded)
    • NC State Extension (PDF)
    • Virginia Cooperative Extension¬†(PDF)
  • Minimizing Risk (PNG) NC State Extension
  • Tips for Shopping and Eating at Home (Website) Alabama Extension
  • Top Tips for Grocery Shopping (PNG) NC State Extension

Reusable Bags & Containers


  • Ensuring an Adequate Water Supply (Blog) Alabama Extension

*Thank you to our friends in the North Central Extension region.